Three car dream garage:

Daily - Non-M 3 Series (or possibly an ATS, depending on reviews). 4 door sedan, RWD, manual (even in stop-and-go traffic), and I don't need a ton of power or sport suspension in a DD.


Weekend fun - Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Not too many twisties where I live, so I want to put a Grand Tourer here but I never realized how many GT cars were automatic or flappy-paddle only. The V8 Vantage offers a manual transmission and I have no problems with having an Aston in the garage.

Don't give a damn - Used AWD Ranger or S-10 pickup with brush guards and either a Plasti Dip or Rhino Liner exterior. For parts hauling or those times when you don't want to worry if anything will happen to your car.


Just missed out:

Jaguar XKR-S - Pants-tighteningly awesome, but automatic only? Really?

Jaguar XKSS/D-Type - My favorite car body of all time, but I know I wouldn't have the nerve to take it out of the garage.

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